An update from Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis

RE: Coronavirus (COVID--19): Update #8
CCBC Moves to Full Remote Delivery of Instruction and Student Support Services

As of Governor Hogan’s morning announcement, CCBC remains in “restricted operations” mode but now moves to full remote delivery of instruction and student support services. All but the most essential employees will be working from home or simply “be at home” if they have not been directed to telework. All instruction and student support services will continue, but will be provided remotely. As of this moment, the vice presidents and I are revisiting the provisions of Coronavirus Update #7, most of which remain in effect, other than those just outlined.

Even in this time of stress, I want to share some sorely needed good news, received just in time to support our transition to full remote delivery. Late Friday, we were notified that CCBC is receiving a very small, but blessedly helpful portion of the $2T Stimulus Fund recently approved by Congress. With this unexpected infusion of resources, we have now developed a more effective approach to supporting our neediest of students than originally outlined. Over the coming week, we will purchase laptops to lend to the hundreds of registered students lacking computer or internet access. Additionally, we are exploring the services of an online testing vendor to enhance off-site proctoring of students until we can reopen our own centers.

I realize that we all need time to process the personal impact of the Governor’s recent announcement. So I share this good news both to cheer your spirits and to proudly affirm our intent to support all students and all employees as we enter this unfamiliar, completely remote environment. In truth, we know little about the size, restrictions or arrival date of Stimulus Package funds; however, we know this surprise of sorely needed funding will help us provide full support for both students and employees.

I thank all of you for your efforts to adapt to this new environment and for your patience as we deal with these rapidly changing decisions within a rapidly changing environment. I know that continuing to say “We are all in this together” seems a worn out truism, but it is one that just happens to be true!

Stay safe; stay healthy; and stay tuned. We will do what we can to keep the engines running on remote start!