Edward Mancho
CCBC Student,
Computer Science

“I want to help the whole world somehow. I want to travel to third world countries to teach, provide resources and bring technology to them.”

In 2011, Edward Mancho’s short-term goal was to earn a degree in Computer Engineering. His long-term goal is to have a meaningful impact on the world. At CCBC, he found the tools to do both. 

Edward was quite active in clubs and organizations during his time at CCBC. As a student ambassador, he mentored first-year students, helped with Student Life events and gave campus tours. As president of the Multi-Cultural Association, he focused on current events, addressing various gender issues and cultural issues surrounding young adults. For Edward, the opportunity to interact with a variety of students was a great reason to become involved. 

Like many beginning college students, Edward struggled somewhat with new expectations. He found guidance and support through CCBC’s Academic Development: Transitioning to College (ACDV101) course. 

“Time management was a challenge for me,” Edward explains, “and the ACDV101 class really helped me improve in that area.” The course helps first-time college students transition to higher education by teaching decision-making skills, learning strategies, and even how to create an academic roadmap.

Edward encourages all students to make the most of their time at CCBC. 

“Ask questions when you don’t understand something, and form study groups to help you learn.”

CCBC student, Edward Mancho