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Fitness/Wellness Trg(PACE)-CE

FIW 013 – Introduction to Health

Cover a broad range of basic health-related topics, including health principles and how cultural differences are related to wellness. Learn about drug use and misuse; nutrition and fitness; causes of, and treatments for diseases and loss and grief.

Course Objectives:
1. define health and wellness;
2. identify and categorize commonly used drugs;
3. describe methods of taking drugs and the short-term and long-term effects;
4. critique drug rehabilitation programs;
5. identify nutrients in foods and categorize foods based on the food pyramid;
6. identify the six nutrient groups and their relation to a healthy diet;
7. discuss how proper nutrition and exercise relate to weight management and overall wellness;
8. identify the major causes of death in the US and analyze which behaviors are related to or cause these diseases;
9. discuss how people manage death, grief, and loss; and
10. discuss how different cultural practices influence an individual¿s beliefs of wellness, healthcare, disease, and death.

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