Digital Forensics I

Provides the student with an overview of the field of digital forensics. Students will perform forensic procedures for seizure, preservation, and documentation of electronic evidence. Students use forensic hardware and software tools to authenticate and analyze digital information for possible use as evidence in civil, criminal or administrative cases. Students perform hands on laboratory exercises using digital forensics tools, and evidence preservation techniques.NOTE: Course offered every fall and spring semester.

  • Corequisite(s) : DCOM 101
  • Credits: 3
  • Cost: $118/billable hour + fees (in county)

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Spring 2018 CCBC
CRN Register Seats Days Times Date Location
23832 Register 11 W 11:15 - 2:10 PM 1/29/2018 - 5/20/2018 Catonsville HTEC 115
23825 Register 21 W 5:45 - 8:40 PM 1/29/2018 - 5/20/2018 Essex HTEC 208