Astronomy is the branch of physics that studies celestial bodies and the universe as a whole. It’s the science that involves the observation as well as theories about the solar system, the stars, the galaxies, and the overall structure of space.

All Astronomy courses have a prerequisite of a minimum of one year of high school algebra or a college-level algebra course. Students who cannot meet this prerequisite should consult with an adviser.

Successful completion of ENGL 052 and RDNG 052 or satisfactory scores on the placement tests are prerequisites for the astronomy courses.


Associate of Science

Banneker Planetarium

Benjamin Banneker Planetarium is a classroom-sized facility (seating capacity 65) used primarily for college classes and shows to groups from area schools and the community. It has been in operation since 1966 and now has a newly-installed Spitz SciDome XD digital projector. The projector is also housed in a brand new 10 meter dome planetarium, which is part of the new Mathematics and Science Hall, Room MASH 030A.

The Planetarium is named for Benjamin Banneker, a free black who lived in the neighboring area of Oella and who, as a self-taught man of science, was the author of a series of almanacs during the 1790s. Shows for outside groups are usually scheduled for weekday mornings. Interested groups may call 443.840.4560 or email Angie Black, planetarium scheduler.

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Beautiful night sky showcasing lots of stars in the distance.

Legends of the Heavens

Friday, October 28, 8:00 PM | Benjamin Banneker Planetarium

What do the Native Americans and other cultures see when they look up at the night sky? Hear some stories explaining how and why the...

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Starry dark blue night sky

Space Witch

Saturday, October 29, 10:00 AM | Benjamin Banneker Planetarium

Children’s Program

Follow Tilly Ipswitch and her cat Kit as they fly through space looking for fun around Halloween.

All Planetarium shows are free and open to

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Bright moon reflecting over a lake with mountains in the background

The Super Moon

Friday, November 11, 8:00 PM | Benjamin Banneker Planetarium

What do we mean when we call the full moon a “Super Moon?” Does the Moon really get bigger? Come and learn about the Moon...

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7 moons illustrate the phases of the moon

Dudley the Curious Duckling

Saturday, November 12, 10:00 AM | Benjamin Banneker Planetarium

Children’s Program

Watch how Dudley learns why the Moon mysteriously appears and reappears over the course of the month.

Show is appropriate for Preschool through Second Grade.

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A man dressed in winter jacket shines a flash light into the night sky

What was the Christmas Star?

Friday, December 9, 8:00 PM | Benjamin Banneker Planetarium

There are many different explanations concerning what could have been the “Star of Bethlehem.” Come see what some of them are based on both ancient...

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Winter night sky with snow capped trees

Santa, stars & other winter wonders

Saturday, December 10, 10:00 AM | Benjamin Banneker Planetarium

Children’s Program

A story for children that explains the real meaning of Christmas.

All Planetarium shows are free and open to the public. No reservations are needed...

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