STAD Internship Program

Few things enhance the value of a college education like the real-world experience you can gain in an internship.

The internship program in CCBC’s School of Technology, Art and Design will connect you with employers who can offer you experiential opportunities to apply and practice what you have learned. STAD students have a twofold advantage: CCBC’s proximity to the high-tech industry available in the greater Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, and the care we take to ensure that your internship is a high-quality learning experience.

What types of internships does STAD offer?

Internships come in a variety of packages. They can be paid or unpaid, full time or part time, special projects, or for college credit. Summer internships are usually the standard; however, internships can occur during the school year provided the employer and student agree on a schedule.

Why should I intern?

Students who have interned are twice as likely to be hired after graduation as those who have not. An internship adds credibility to your resume and:
  • offers exposure to a real work environment in the field you have chosen
  • helps to build your resource network, as you will work with experienced professionals in your field
  • provides you with firsthand knowledge of IT career paths
  • may offer additional college credit
  • may offer an opportunity to complete for a permanent position with your internship employer

How do I qualify for an internship?

Employers are looking for interns who have acquired a skill-set that will bring productivity and value to their organizations. While they are willing to mentor and teach, it is expected that the student will have an eagerness to learn, a can do attitude, and the ability to take direction.

The internship program requires:
  • overall GPA of 2.5 or better
  • letter of recommendation from a faculty member in your major
  • completion of an interview and resume preparation workshop
  • complete resume
  • completed course work equivalent to 35+ hours for a degree program and 10+ hours for certificate programs