STAD Scholarship Program

T4: Technology Training for Today and Tomorrow


  • Engineering Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Multimedia Technology
  • Networking Technology

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Awardees must be a full-time students
  • Awardee must be prepared to take Math 082 -Introductory Algebra, or higher, at time of award
  • Applications are due June 1 for fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester, and awards will be made before the start of the semester. Scholarships will be for amounts of up to $10,00 per year ($5,000 per semester)
  • Awardee must be enrolled in math classes each semester until all required mathematics for their STEM technology program is completed
  • Awardees who have earned an associates degree at CCBC, or earned a minimum of 45 credits at CCBC in a T4 STEM program, are eligible to apply for a "transfer"

This program was supported in part by the National Science Foundation under DUE-0965790.

It is expected that scholarship recipients will achieve at least one of these 3 goals:
  • Earn an associate's degree in a T4 STEM Technology field
  • Transfer to a bachelor's degree program in a T4 STEM Technology field
  • Enter the high Technology workforce in a T4 STEM Technology field