Campus Alert

Campus Alert is a free messaging service for the CCBC community that keeps you posted when any part of the college is closed for just about any reason.

Campus alert is a smart and convenient way to get the news about closings and delays and to stay safe.

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Campus Alert frequently asked questions: 

Who should use Campus Alert?

  • Students
  • Parents and other family members
  • Faculty and staff
  • Community members who use CCBC facilities

How does Campus Alert contact me in an emergency?

You get to pick 5 contact methods among any combination of the following:

  • Text message to your mobile phone
  • Voice call to any phone
  • E-mail
So, for example, you might elect to sign up for:
  • text messaging to your mobile phone
  • e-mail
  • voice calls to your mobile phone
  • voice calls to your home phone
  • voice calls to your parent’s, spouse’s or other family member’s phone

In the event of an emergency, Campus Alert will contact you via all of these methods to ensure you get the message.

What information will Campus alert send?

You pick which CCBC facilities you want to hear about from among our main campuses and extension centers. In the event that any of the facilities you’ve selected needs to be closed, Campus Alert will let you know.

Campus alert will send you:

  • Specific information regarding class interruptions or college closings
  • Timely warnings on crime activity on or around the campuses
  • Immediate notification of evacuations and/or shelter-in-place orders regarding weather or public safety events

Will there be any ads or other non-emergency messages sent through Campus Alert?

Absolutely not. Anytime you get a message from Campus Alert it will be to let you know there is a campus emergency. We will not share your information with anyone.

How long will I remain in the system after I register?

Students and all other non-faculty and staff registrants will remain in the system for the entire academic year in which they register. In August, prior to the start of the next academic year, they will receive an e-mail asking if they wish to renew their registration.

Faculty and Staff will be enrolled indefinitely and occasionally checked against CCBC records.

Do my mobile service providers fees apply for text messaging and cell phone calls from Campus Alert?

Yes. While there is no fee for the Campus Alert system, depending on your mobile service agreement, you may incur a charge from your mobile carrier just you would for any incoming message and call. Check with your mobile carrier to see if this applies to you.