ESOL General English Language Skills

ADS 007

This course is designed to enable upper level non-native speakers to improve their general English skills by engaging in communicative tasks on various high-interest topics. Topics include integrated development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; including a focus on grammar and vocabulary appropriate to the language task. Course Objectives: 1. employ listening strategies to improve the ability to respond appropriately, 2. demonstrate the ability to speak more clearly by applying common pronunciation rules, 3. utilize a range of conversation and discussion strategies to interact more effectively, 4. demonstrate the ability to read with purpose using a range of strategies for better comprehension, 5.determine meaning of unfamiliar words using vocabulary development strategies, 6. write in various rhetorical patterns based on organized models, 7. employ editing and revising strategies to peer and self-monitor writing, 8. use grammar appropriate to the language task, 9. identify commonly used phrasal verbs and idioms, and 10. demonstrate the ability to modify spoken and written language according to register or context.

  • Ceu: 5.4 - 7.2
  • Cost: $259
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