Lively Drumming for Better Health and Wellness

FIT 145

Whenever you hear a rhythm or beat, do you feel like you want to get up and dance? Do you want an exercise program that improves your health as well as provides a means to reduce stress? Lively Drumming for Better Health and Wellness is the class for you. Lively Drumming exercise is a workout program that uses a variety of beats (power beats and wellness beats), choreography and dance exercises that incorporate the use of ball and drumming, and is a fun time while exercising. Equipment for Lively Drumming (stability exercise ball, drum sticks, and bucket) will be provided by the site. Each session will start with a warm-up period, followed by the workout or drumming period, and at the end a cool down period. Wear loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes. ​

  • Cost: $68
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