Project Management Course Series

MAN 927

This course provides in-depth exploration of the various knowledge and skill areas identified as essential in order for managers to complete projects -unique, goal oriented, coordinated activities of specified duration -on-time, within budget constraints, and in conformance to customer requirements. Topics to be covered include: overview of project management fundamentals, understanding project scope, project scheduling, estimating and budgeting project costs, contract and procurement management, managing project risk, forming and managing the project team, managing project quality, and monitoring and controlling projects. Course Objectives:1. define a project, the project life-cycle, and the project environment;2. explain the benefits of effective project management;3. differentiate between functional, matrix, and hybrid organizations;4. describe the phases of the project life-cycle;5. describe the components of project management;6. develop and use scope statements to identify project requirements;7. explain and perform a Work Breakdown Structure;8. use a Work Breakdown Structure to estimate resource needs;9. utilize a structured process to obtain supplies and services needed to satisfy project requirements;10. use PERT, Gantt, and CPM charts to schedule project activities;11. utilize the concepts of variance and earned value to monitor and control project performance, and -12. state the roles and responsibilities of a project manager.

  • Ceu: 4.35 - 5.8
  • Cost: $1995
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