Program Level Assessment

The Community College of Baltimore County has more than 40 separate career programs. Over the course of the next few years, each program will be identifying comprehensive program outcomes that define the skills and competencies that students achieve upon completion of their studies.

Assessment of stated outcomes is the next step in utilizing outcomes to improve the learning process. Effective with the 05-06 program review cohort, program outcomes assessment is a required component of the review process. There are two types of CCBC program outcomes assessment projects currently in place: Program Outcomes Assessment Project (POAP) and Core Competencies Project.

The POAP project is a formal outcomes assessment project that focuses on learning related to the major program outcomes. The goal of this project is to generate data that will guide recommendations for programmatic change to improve and expand student learning. This is a long-term, externally validated project. Project phases include designing the project, collecting and analyzing data, identifying program revisions (if required), implementing revisions and reassessing student learning, and reporting results. Assessment methodologies may include such things as a portfolio, a capstone course, a practicum, or a certification exam.

Core competencies project for non-general education courses

The purpose of this project is to examine the degree to which the CCBC Core Competencies of Communication, Problem Solving, Global Perspective and Social Responsibility, and Independent Learning and Personal Management are present in a program. Common Course Outlines and/or syllabi are utilized to identify where a competency exists in 2 or 3 courses and to what degree. Courses can be selected based on a variety of criteria, including a milestone course such as a course that is common throughout all degree options, a benchmark course such as a major prerequisite, a capstone course, a course that is offered in several delivery formats, or simply a mix of lower-level and upper-level courses.

Executive summaries of completed projects