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School of Mathematics and Science

Hands-on experience for in-demand careers

Hands-on experience for in-demand careers

Interested in how the natural world functions and how humans interact with the world around us?

Studies in Mathematics and Science at CCBC can deepen your understanding of the physical, biological and human processes that shape the landscape in which we live.

State-of-the-art lab facilities, cutting-edge technology and engaging faculty enhance your exploration of areas as diverse as astronomy, biology, chemistry, environmental science, oceanography, physics and much more. You’ll gain knowledge and real-world experience as you prepare for advanced studies or the beginning of an exciting career in science or math.

Program and course options

Photo of CCBC Graduate Ixtle Montuffar

I dream of working in ethnobotany as I am fascinated by cultures and the plants they have been connected to for generations.

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Jean Ashby

Dean, School of Mathematics and Science

Christine DeStefano

Assistant Dean, Science

Michael Venn

Assistant Dean, Mathematics