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Computer - CE

DAP 647 – Introduction to Windows

Learn the basic concepts of Windows software applications. Topics include overview of Windows software, managing directories, programs and introductions to WordPerfect, Lotus and Microsoft Word for Windows software packages.

Course Objectives:
1. Start up Windows, move and arrange icons, change windows sizes, and save settings.
2. Open a file, use File Manager, change disk drives and directories, and move or delete directories.
3. Format, copy and label a disk.
4. Open group Windows and start up a specific application.
5. Demonstrate understanding of the basic concepts of Lotus for Windows.
6. Use the basic elements of Microsoft Word for Windows.

DAP 860 – IBM PC and DOS

This course is designed to familiarize the senior adult with the IBM PC/AT computer system and to explore commonly used business application software. Topics include: introduction to the IBM PC/AT, basic computer terminology, what is DOS, interacting with DOS, and an introduction to business applications.

Course Objectives:
1. Identify terminology associated with microcomputers.
2. Identify major components of the personal computer.
3. Demonstrate how to use basic DOS utilities.
4. Demonstrate understanding of the concept of file management.
5. Explain how office productivity can be improved.
6. Use word processing, Lotus spreadsheets, and database applications.

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