CCBC Dundalk event planning tips

I. Questions to ask as you begin planning your event

  • Who will attend the event?
  • Who may want to co-sponsor the event?
  • How can I motivate volunteers to become event planning team members?
  • What outcomes should be achieved at the conclusion of the event?
  • Will my advisor/Student Life Office approve and support this event idea?

II. Pick the date and time

Do not schedule your event to conflict or compete with any other Student Life sponsored event. Make sure to consult the Student Life calendar of already planned events. This can be viewed in the Student Life Office in the College Community Center, 221.

III. Seek out the proper location

It is important to know how many people you are expecting to make sure you are reserving a space that will work for you event. Make sure to have at least two options for your event, as you are not always guaranteed your first choice.

IV. Submit your information to the Student Life Office to have a space secured

  • Name of your event
  • Date of your event
  • Time of your event
  • Sponsor of the event (club name or department)
  • Location preferences (submit at least 2 locations)
  • Primary student contact’s information (name, e-mail, and phone number)
  • Advisor’s name and contact information (name, e-mail and phone number)

V. Publicize your event

  • Once you receive confirmation of your reserved space, you may begin advertising your event.
  • Things to remember:
    • All flyers must be approved by the Student Life Office before they can be posted on bulletin boards around campus.
    • A student life flyer template is available via e-mail to assist in formatting your flyer. Please email Crissy Fabiszak, Assistant Director of Student Life for the template.
    • Once your flyer is completed be sure to have at least three people proofread your advertising to ensure proper spelling and grammar. Save your flyer and other publicity materials to a portable drive so that changes can be made easily and quickly.
    • There is to be no posting of flyers on painted surfaces, windows around campus or parking lots of the campus.
    • Make sure to have your club representative present your event at the regularly scheduled club and organizations monthly meetings.

VI. Plan the event

  • Make sure to budget your event in accordance with your approved request and current budget is. A copy of your request and current budget ledger can be received from the Student Life Office if needed.
  • Submit any check requests or reimbursements to the Assistant Director of Student Life on the Dundalk campus. All requests must have proper paper work (invoices, receipts) attached in order to be processed. Please allow 48 hours for paperwork to be signed and processed.
  • If you are planning to have food at your event Sodexho can be contracted for catering needs. A student catering guide is available through Sodexho that includes discounted prices for student clubs and organizations. Please contact the Catering Manager to process your food requests. Once a final menu is decided, please e-mail your proposal to the Assistant Director of Student Life so that a budget number can be forwarded to Sodexho. Please note that Sodexho will not accept a student club/organization’s budget number from anyone except the Assistant Director.

VII. Evaluate your event

Everything that you plan -big and small- is important to the Office of Student Life. We want to know what you are doing, how well everything is going for your organization and any struggles you may be encountering. After each event or meeting you are asked to fill out the event assessment form. This form is due by the end of the month in which your event/meeting took place. This form will help to track events, meetings, attendance, budget use and will be used to help choose the outstanding organization of the year.