Ways to give

Outright gifts allow you to claim charitable tax deductions in the year in which the gift is made.

Annual Giving

Annual Giving is your way of ensuring the continued success of CCBC. Your annual gift goes where the need is greatest and is the most important kind of giving to CCBC.

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Gifts of cash

The most common form of giving, cash gifts, are as easy to make as writing a check to the CCBC Foundation, or giving online. Every dollar you give outright to CCBC is tax-deductible, and cash gifts are vital, since they are immediately available to assist deserving students or programs.

Planned Giving

Planned giving helps donors accomplish two important goals: 1) Promotes the concept of “giving wisely, while living” because you don’t have to be wealthy to make a significant impact on the lives of students, and 2) Establishes an estate plan that names the college as a beneficiary in the future, while giving donors the opportunity today to direct their future gifts to support areas important to them and their heirs.

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Gifts of real estate and property

Gifts of appreciated property, such as a farm, personal residence or undeveloped land, are tax-deductible at full market value, and they relieve the donor from capital gains tax on the appreciation.

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Gifts of securities

Publicly Traded Stocks or Securities - Gifts of appreciated securities are tax-deductible at full market value. They also relieve the donor from long-term capital gains tax on the appreciation. This double tax savings makes it possible for a significant gift to be made at a remarkably low after-tax cost. Appreciated securities often represent the most economical way to contribute during one’s lifetime.

For example: In 1980, you bought stock in company BUY at a cost of $2,500. Today, the stock is worth $10,000. You have a long-term capital gain of $7,500. Assuming a federal capital gains tax rate of 20%, you would owe a tax of $1,500 if you sold the stock. Instead of selling, you contribute the stock to CCBC. Your $10,000 gift saves $3,100 in income tax (31% x $10,000), plus $1,500 in capital gains taxes, for a total savings of $4,600. Your total gift of $10,000 was made at an after-tax cost of only $5,200. 

Closely held stock

Owners of closely held corporations may donate shares of their stock to CCBC, receive a charitable deduction, and retain full control of their business, all without having to claim a stock dividend.

For example: You own 80% of your corporation and decide to donate a few shares totaling $10,000 to CCBC. The stock gift still leaves you in full control of your business, and the charitable deduction saves you $3,100 in income taxes (assuming a 31% tax bracket). CCBC chooses not to keep the shares and returns them to your corporation for redemption. Your corporation gives CCBC $10,000 and retires the stock. As long as the college is not required to turn back its shares to your corporation, you are not considered to have received a dividend and do not have to pay any additional tax, even though $10,000 has been removed from your corporation.

Matching Gifts

Matching gifts are a great way to make your contribution double, or possibly triple in size and impact, at no additional cost to you.

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Donor recognition and naming opportunities

Donations to CCBC provide opportunities for our students, support a strong faculty, and enhance our facilities, as well as the communities in which we live. Our recognition programs honor donors who have gone above and beyond.

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