Tuition Assistance

In addition to traditional financial aid (scholarships, grants, and loans), tuition assistance programs are available for certain members of our community.

Tuition Waivers


The State of Maryland recently passed House Bill 104 which changed the process for Maryland students with disabilities to receive a tuition waiver.

Any resident of Maryland who is out of the workforce because of a permanent disability as defined by the Social Security Act, the Railroad Retirement Act, (or in the case of former federal employees, the Office of Personnel Management), and enrolls in a community college class that has at least ten regularly enrolled students, may be eligible for a tuition waiver.

All students with disabilities who enroll in credit courses at CCBC are required to take action to continue receiving the tuition waiver.

Early College Access Program (ECAP)

High school students enrolled in CCBC courses may be eligible to receive a 50 percent tuition discount if they meet the following criteria:
  • Maryland resident
  • Payment of all CCBC fees
  • An enrolled high school junior or senior
  • Obtain written approval from a parent and appropriate school official
  • Meet enrollment requirements of CCBC


CCBC full time employees and CCBC retirees who enroll in courses at CCBC are eligible for a tuition waiver. All applicable fees are the responsibility of the student.

Foster care

Students who were in foster care as of their 18th birthday, or who were in foster care as of their 14th birthday but were subsequently adopted, may be eligible for a tuition and fee waiver.

In-County Tuition Programs

No matter where you live in Maryland, you can enroll in any one of nearly 50 high-demand and hard-to-find programs at CCBC’s affordable in-county tuition rate.

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National Guard

Maryland Guard members can receive up to 50 percent waiver of tuition for both degree and vocational programs. Members must provide a letter from their unit commander supporting membership in the Maryland National Guard.


Maryland residents, 60 years of age or older, who enroll in courses at CCBC are eligible for a tuition waiver. All applicable fees (including $30 course fee) are the responsibility of the student. Student must be 60 years of age before the academic semester begins.

Military Tuition Assistance has created resources on Tuition Assistance for each specific branch of the Military.

Delinquent Accounts

Delinquent accounts will be assessed a $50.00 non-refundable fee each term they are delinquent. CCBC will refer balances of $250.00 or greater to ECSI Recovery Select immediately after the end of each term for a 90-day period.  ECSI Recovery Select will attempt to collect the debt and will contact the student by telephone and postal mail using the address and phone number on file with CCBC.  Accounts that remain delinquent after the 90-day period are then referred to the Maryland State Central Collection Unit and an additional 17% collection fee is added to the student's account and the student's credit report could be negatively impacted.  

Qualified Tuition Programs

This tax benefit includes programs established and maintained by one or more eligible educational institutions. The beneficiary (or another taxpayer claiming the beneficiary as a dependent) may claim the HOPE or Lifetime Learning Credit on qualified expenses paid for with the funds distributed from the Qualified Tuition Program. See IRS Publication 970 for further details. To view 1098T information online, students may login to SIMON using their username and password. Then select "Student Accounts" and then "Tax Notification."