• nursing students
  • students working in construction
  • students working on automotive engine
  • nursing students

CCBC programs–at our most affordable rate–for ALL Maryland residents.

No matter where you live in Maryland, you can enroll in any one of nearly 50 high-demand and hard-to-find programs at CCBC’s affordable in-county tuition rate.

The Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) designates certain community college programs as statewide programs because they are not widely available (e.g. Mortuary Science) or because there is extremely high demand for workers in the field (e.g., Nursing). Students may enroll in any of these designated programs at the same rates as in-county residents.

How to apply

  • Apply for admission to CCBC and select one of the options above as your program of study.
  • Register for classes.
    • Be sure to check your address and program of study with Enrollment staff on campus or in SIMON if you are registering online.
  • Pay tuition and fees.
    • Please note: If you are registering for classes and paying immediately after applying, be sure to check your schedule bill for the in-county rate. Inform the Bursar's office about enrollment in Statewide or Health Workforce Shortage program