Air Traffic Control Certificate, Credit Certificate

The Air Traffic Control Certificate is designed to provide a strong foundation and understanding of Air Traffic Control operations. This does not qualify as a substitute for the FAA Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) degree program. A certificate in Air Traffic Control will be awarded to students completing the above pattern with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Students considering applying for this program should read the information available on the CCBC website at

Some aviation classes have lab fees. Fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Community College of Baltimore County.

Program objectives

Upon successful completion of this certificate, students will be able to:

  1. apply FAA and NTSB regulations and other aeronautical and security guidelines appropriately in various aviation and safety settings;
  2. perform basic air traffic controller duties in low-density traffic scenarios; and
  3. speak and communicate clearly and decisively using standard industry pilot-controller phraseology.

Gainful Employment

Total Number of Credits Required for Certificate 18*

Semester Sequence

This is a suggested schedule for a student who has completed any developmental course work and has no transfer credits. Please contact the program coordinator for a suggested schedule starting in the Spring semester.

Semester 1*

Semester 2

Short Session

Important Information

Short Description

The Air Traffic Control Certificate is designed to provide a strong foundation and understanding of Air Traffic Control operations. 

Type of Credential

Credit Certificate

Program Code


Contacts and Additional Information

Program Director

CCBC Catonsville, Doug Williams
443-840-5498 or

Assistant Program Director

CCBC Catonsville, Chris Komsa
443-840-4209 or

Air Traffic Control Director

CCBC Catonsville, Joe Eichelberger
443-840-4463 or

Aviation Faculty

CCBC Catonsville, Pete Waters
443-840-5188 or

Contact the Aviation Technology Department  

443-840-4157 or

Additional Information:

Courses Needed for This Program*


*Credit students who are new to college (no successfully completed transferable college credits from other institutions) are required to take ACDV 101 - Academic Development: Transitioning to College. This 1-credit course is designed to be taken in the first semester at CCBC. Students must provide an official transcript(s) from an accredited institution to document successful completion of college coursework for the ACDV 101 requirement to be waived.