Developmental Placement and Courses

CCBC uses placement tests to determine which courses are appropriate for your skill level.

If you score below a certain level on CCBC's placement tests, you may be required to take developmental courses in math, reading or English. If you are required to take developmental courses, the time required to complete your degree may be extended. These courses, which do not provide college credit, provide the academic preparation needed to succeed in college-level courses.

CCBC offers an array of developmental courses in reading (051 and 052), English (051 and 052) and mathematics (081, 082, and 083, and 073) to help you get started. Any student who places in RDNG 051 or RDNG 052 and ENGL 051 or ENGL 052 is eligible to enroll in ACLT 052. Students who place into upper level developmental writing courses may enroll concurrently in English 101, a gateway credit course, as part of CCBC’s nationally acclaimed Accelerated Learning Program (ALP). Students may also qualify for the Accelerated Math Program (AMP), which blends lower level developmental math and upper level intermediate algebra with college algebra. Both ALP and AMP enable students to advance more quickly into desired credit coursework.

After being placed in reading, writing, and mathematics, all students are advised about their course of study. See the CCBC Advisement Center information for each campus.

To find out more about testing and placement, go to the Testing Center.

Nationally certified and acclaimed programs

CCBC’s Developmental Education program is nationally certified by the National Association of Developmental Education (NADE) at the Distinguished Level – the highest level. The documented success of students enrolled in CCBC’s Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) has inspired colleges throughout the nation to adopt an ALP model to developmental education.