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Interested in paranormal investigation or communicating with Angels?

Learn how to research paranormal activity.

The study of paranormal activity has a long and interesting history. Many ancient religious convictions are based on paranormal study, while the metaphysics of many ancient cultures included pantheons of ghosts, spirits, fairies, aliens, higher powers, and other supernatural phenomenon.

Our classes are taught by highly skilled instructors and professionals in the field of paranormal studies who recognize each student is unique with a different set of goals and experiences. This ensures students feel supported, inspired and satisfied.

It's also important to remember that paranormal investigation takes on many forms. Classes that may spark your interest are Communicating with Angels, Ghost Studies including EVP Electronic Voice Phenomena and Video Illusion in Paranormal Studies, Psychics and Mediums Within, Wicca Traditions, Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Paranormal Truths, Folklore and Legends, Science of Divining or Dowsing, and more.