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Senior Courses in Humanities and Culture

Explore the works of a favorite author or find a new one.

Learn about other countries and religions; enhance your creative writing skills; study the great composers of the past or more modern musical styles; learn about minority issues and contemporary social movements.

Individuals over 60 never pay tuition, only fees.

75th Anniversary of the 1945 Battles and Campaigns of World War II
Examine the Prague Offensive, the Battle of Bataan, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, the road to and battle for Berlin, the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and more.

Genealogy in the Computer Lab
Learn the most effective ways and techniques to research family information online. Establish your own documented family tree and begin placing information in it.

Advanced Genealogy in the Computer Lab
This follow-up to "Genealogy in the Computer Lab" lets you learn to do more complex searches on multiple web sites to further your genealogical research.

American Sports during World War II
Discover the changes that WWII had on the local and societal level, in particular, on the field of American sports.

April: America's Most Historical Month of the Year
Learn about the major U.S. historical events that occurred in the month of April and develop reasons for why this month is considered the most historical in U.S. history.

Art Appreciation
Think critically about art, the role the individual plays in defining art, and how art relates to everyday life, and the societal values of contemporary and historical cultures.

Art History I
Gain an introduction to the development of world art and visual culture including architecture, monuments, painting, sculpture, and related arts from Prehistoric times to c. 1400 CE.

Baltimore's Grand Estates: Their Architecture and Builders
Learn to identify 18th, 19th, and early 20th Century Baltimore estates, including Guilford, Homeland, Stoneleigh, Mondawmin, Belvedere, extant houses in Homewood, Garrett, Clifton, Cylburn, and Brooklandwood.

Baltimore's Historic Houses of Worship
Explore the history and architecture of Baltimore's major religious landmarks, from the Oldtown Meeting House of 1781 to the modern buildings of today.

Basic French
Learn to communicate using simple French sentences and phrases along with basic French grammatical structures.

French for Travelers
Learn to use vocabulary, phrases, and sentences in French that will help you in various day-to-day situations. It's surprising how this basic level of language proficiency can enhance your travel or interest in the basics of a foreign language, and also lead you to a greater understanding of French culture.

Biology for the Novice
If you "don't know much biology", (lyric by Sam Cooke), come to learn the basics of the science of living things including characteristics of living organisms, structure/functions/division of cells, genetics and the evolutionary relationships that led to the great diversity of life on earth.

Chemistry for the Novice
Once you understand the basics of the science of chemistry, you will be on your way to defining and experimenting with the chemical world.

Bootleggers, Moonshiners and Flappers: Prohibition in Jazz Age America
The author of "Prohibition: Wet and Dry in the Free State" will present the origins, influences, history and policies of alcoholic temperance and prohibition in the U.S. that led to the 18th Constitutional Amendment.

CCBC Book Discussion
Discover and help select the best in new fiction and non-fiction books.

Complete Your Story: Developing and Revising Creative Writing
Utilize writing techniques and strategies for development and revision to help complete creative writing projects, particularly fiction and creative nonfiction. Develop "roadmaps" to the completion of projects, provide and receive individual feedback from the instructor, develop revision techniques and utilize actual writing time in class to apply the techniques and strategies learned.

Cinema Con Jobs
Explore the film genre of the heist and con game through movies such as The Pink Panther, Asphalt Jungle, The Italian Job, The Sting and Ocean's Eleven.

Conversational Spanish for Beginners
Learn to speak basic conversational Spanish to include greetings, introductions, simple dialogue, short questions, expressions for daily activities, travel, shopping and communicating important needs and feelings. Gain an understanding of the elements of Latin American cultural sensitivity.

Conversational Spanish for Beginners, Part 2
Expand your knowledge and ability to converse in Spanish after previously learning the basics of conversational Spanish.

Countries in Western Africa: the People, the Food, the Culture
Gain insight into the cultural diversities of various West African countries including the countries of Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Mali.

Countries in West and South Africa: the People, the Food, the Culture
Examine the West and South African countries of Mauritania, the Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, and Swaziland.

Divine Art
Explore the importance of architecture and art between 1785 and 1891 as part of the historic houses of worship in Baltimore.

Ethical Dilemmas in the Bible
Discover whether or not the Bible can continue to motivate us to compare and contrast the moral and ethical issues in the text with our society today.

Feisty Females: Strong Women Who Challenged Gender Views and Roles
Examine how in every era, women dared to step up and become the rebels of their time to produce change for the improvement and betterment of societies around the world.

Great Decisions
Gain non-partisan knowledge on eight of the most critical issues on world affairs facing the U.S. and the international community this year and then participate in a dynamic discussion on each weekly topic.

Introduction to Science
Gain an introduction to the sciences around us that is intended to boost your interaction with these new discoveries effecting technology and the environment.

Jews in Cinema Part 2
Continue to explore movies with Jewish content including films during and about the Holocaust (post-World War II to the present) and films from Israel.

Jews in Literature Part 2
Continue to learn about other famous Jewish writers, such as Norman Malier, Irwin Shaw, Bernard Malamoud, Heinrich Heine, Emmanuel Kant and Harold Pinter and others.

Religious Responses to the Holocaust
Examine the reactions and responses to the Holocaust by the three major religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Learning about Contemporary Issues and Ideas
Analyze and evaluate current issues and ideas that influence contemporary American society.

Major Mills of the Patapsco Valley
Explore the history of the area's key mills and mill towns from the 16th through today.

Media Literacy Tool Kit
Tackle the complexities of today's media landscape and learn how to authenticate, analyze and evaluate the content from many sources.

Medical Symposium: Innovation and Discovery
In partnership with the University of Maryland School of medicine, learn from top doctors and researchers on recent discoveries and advancements in treatment in a variety of medical topics.

Movers and Shakers of the Patapsco River Valley
Examine how key figures of this area from the 17th-19th centuries were an integral part of the industrial revolution.

Online Dating
Find your perfect match online! (and avoiding scammers).

Philosophy for Clear Expression, Rigorous Thinking and Systematic Understanding
Examine and discuss philosophical questions of the human condition that allow us to acquire knowledge.

Rock ‘n Roll Legends: The Day the Music Died, Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, and Richie Valens
Explore the lives of these rock 'n roll pioneers including their early years, how they got their start, their “sounds", hits and the ill-fated Winter Tour of February 1959.

Rock ‘n Roll Legends: The Everly Brothers
Learn about the lives and legacies of this famous pioneering duo and their contribution to the early development of rock ‘n roll.

Saints and Sinners: Scandals and Succession of the British Monarchs
Trace the history of England and Great Britain through the biographies of its monarchs from Arthurian times to the present.

Selling Online Successfully
Learn how to upload your product information on the internet and how to complete transactions successfully.

Basic Spanish I
Learn the basics of this language along with a view of Spanish culture. Whether you are interested in learning a new language or have travel plans to a Spanish-speaking country, you will enjoy covering vocabulary, punctuation, elementary grammar, basic sentence writing, reading, and more.

Spanish for Travelers
If future travel will take you to a Spanish-speaking culture, this class will help you learn how to pronounce and articulate useful words, phrases and sentences in Spanish to make basic tasks easier while staying in that foreign country. This class will also provide you with helpful information about Spanish culture and customs.

Survey of Art History from the Ice Age to the Rococo Period
Gain an overview of seven periods of art including the Ice Age, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo movements with emphasis on motivation and the creative spirit.

Survey of Art History of the 19th and 20th Centuries
Obtain an overview of each period of art in the 19th and 20th centuries including impressionism, post-impressionism, expressionism, cubism, pop and op art, surrealism and hyperrealism.

Storytelling and Sound: Classical Music and the Writing Craft
Based on class interest, use classical music as a springboard for creative writing within the genres of fiction, nonfiction, and/or poetry.

Telling & Writing Your Family Story
From oral histories and genealogy to tales told around the dinner table, our knowledge and recollections of family stories are a combination of truth and imagination.

Ten Great Poets
As old as language itself, poetry attempts to express the inexpressible. Investigate the greatest poets of the past 200 years and how they changed human consciousness through their works.

The Baltimore Orioles: Years of Dominance, 1966 to 1983
Discuss how the Orioles were major league baseball's most successful team during this period.

The Craft of Writing
Writing stories, whether true or imagined, is a marvelous way of expressing yourself and influencing others.

The History and Value of Antiques: Part 2
Learn how to expand upon existing knowledge of the fundamentals and historic periods of antiques.

The History of Computers
From slide rule and abacus to carrying a cell phone in your pocket, trace the history of how we calculate with this rapidly changing technology.

The Novels of Suburbia
Explore the fallen paradise of the American suburbs in the following five great works of literature: Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates, White Noise by Don Delillo, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, American Pastoral by Philip Roth, and The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen.

The Shape of Our World: The Two Thousand Year Mystery
Examine the history of the remarkable people who discovered, and eventually succeeded in resolving the two thousand year mystery of Euclid's fifth postulate.

Top 10 Greatest Musical Duets of All Time
Sometimes two can be better than one given the right formula, chemistry and connection. Learn what elements make a successful duo.

Tapas: The Wonderful World of Small Plates
Learn the basics of tapas (small plate) cooking of meat and vegetables originating in Spain. 

The Films of Abbott and Costello
From their early career until their decline and eventual break-up, this comedy team progressed from forming a vaudeville act to radio comedy routines to Hollywood stardom.

Understanding Genetics
Examine the fascinating world of genetics.  

U.S. Presidential Elections Since World War II
Learn how economic and political systems have developed, and influenced elections.

Working Women in Films
Examine films that depict the shifting roles in the lives of working women throughout several decades.

Writing to Capture Memories
Whether it is a memoir or a fictional account that resonates with something in the past, writing a book is a great way to capture and share memories of a time, place, person, idea, or event. Explore creative strategies while you work on book-length or shorter pieces. Learn how to progress from draft to published book.