• Guitar being made at the Fab Lab Network Assistant Program

    Guitar made on the ShopBot CNC Router.
  • Coasters made with an Epilog laser cutter

    Coasters by Raymond McCarthy Bergeron, made on the Epilog laser cutter.
  • Zip tie lounge chair made in the Fab Lab

    Zip Tie Lounge Chair, by William Holman. Made on the ShopBot CNC Router.
  • Hoberman sphere made at Fab Lab Baltimore

    Hoberman Sphere made at Fab Lab Baltimore, on the Epilog Laser Cutter.

Fab Lab Baltimore

Fab Lab Baltimore is a non-profit digital fabrication lab, community workspace, and educational center, that serves as a resource for students, designers, artists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and other professionals, as well as businesses and institutions in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Fab Labs began as an outreach project through MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms. There is now an International Fab Lab Network spanning the globe.