• Display units for the help remedies pop-up shop

    Display units for the Help Remedies Pop-Up Shop in DC, made on the CNC Router.

Membership at Fab Lab Baltimore

To use the Fab Lab you must first take the Fab Lab Introduction class to learn basic safety and operating procedures.

After you take this course, you are certified on all of our equipment except for the CNC router. In order to use the CNC router it is required that you take the CNC router applications course in addition to the Intro Course.

Course List


Fees are based on the number of visits you need to complete your work. Visits can be purchased at the lab.
  • 5 Visits - $25.00
  • 15 Visits - $50.00

Please note that there is also a material fee for the 3d printers:
  • uPrint Plus: $10 per cubic inch
  • Afinia: $7 per cubic inch

Private Workshops

We would be happy to accommodate groups of 4-8 for specialized workshops and training on available Mondays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Contact us for more details.

Lab Rules

  1. Follow all instructions given by the lab staff.

  2. Please come prepared and have your files ready to go. If you need help setting up a file or figuring out software, we are happy to help, but please ask for assistance only after you have given your best effort.

  3. In general, equipment is available on a first-come first-served basis. You can, however, sign up for time slots on the laser cutters and the CNC router. See the "Reservations" section of the website for details. Special reservations for other equipment may be available upon request.

  4. Closely monitor the equipment that you are running at all times. If you notice an unsafe situation, immediately stop all work and notify the lab staff. You must also clean up your work area before you leave. We understand that sometimes mistakes do happen, but if a mistake results from failing to follow the rules, you may be held accountable.

  5. No machine, computer, or configuration is to be modified without consent from lab staff.

  6. All materials are subject to approval of lab staff. Please bring proof of material (receipt, manufacturer's mark....etc.). Storage of materials in the lab is prohibited unless given permission by the staff.

  7. The fab lab is primarily for prototypes, not production work.

  8. You must sign in at the front computer station each time you come in to the lab. By signing in, you acknowledge that you agree to abide by all lab rules. Failure to abide by these rules may result in restricted or banned usage.

  9. By using the lab, you authorize any photography that is taken by lab staff during classes, workshops, and events, and the use of all images for promotional purposes, including our website, social media sites, presentations, and brochures.

  10. Please review the website for possible updates or changes to policies each time before coming into the lab.