Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

Registration Instructions
You must take the TEAS V as part of the application process. The score you receive on the test will be considered as part of the selective admissions process. If you do not participate in the TEAS, your application will not be evaluated.

What is the TEAs test?

The test is called the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) V. This is a multiple-choice assessment of basic academic knowledge in reading, mathematics, science and English and language usage.

What will I need in order to register for the TEAs?

Students taking the test must have a CCBC ID number (900-**-****), a credit card and an email address to complete the online registration.

When should I take the TEAs test?

Students must register for and take the TEAS V test no less than 15 days prior to the admissions deadline for the program. Tests taken after this deadline will not be used for the current admissions cycle.

Who should register for the TEAs test?

All students who apply for admission to the Registered Nursing, Practical Nursing, Online/Hybrid Registered Nursing, Paramedic to RN Bridge, LPN to RN Bridge, and the Dental Hygiene Programs at CCBC will be required to participate in pre-admission testing prior to the TEAS deadline for the respective program.

How long does the test take and when should I arrive?

You will need to schedule at least four hours to take the test. You must arrive ½ hour prior to the start of the test; and you must have your ATI number. Calculators are not allowed. The tests will start promptly at the scheduled times. Late arrivals will not be able to test.

What should I bring to the test?

You will need your ATI testing ID number, your registration receipt and a valid photo ID. Calculators and cell phones are prohibited while testing.

How much does it cost?

  • Students are required to prepay and pre-register for the TEAS V test. The cost is $110.00. Payment is accepted using major credit cards. Students are required to pay the testing fee at the time the test date is scheduled. Students should take a copy of their receipt along with them on testing day. All costs are subject to change without notice.
  • The first transcript is included in the cost. Additional transcripts will cost $22.00

Note: Students must choose CCBC-TEAS as the test score recipient.

Is there a study guide?

CCBC is using the TEAS version V. ATI offers a study manual and two practice assessments for this version for a cost at www.atitesting.com. CCBC bookstores will offer the study manual for this version of the exam.

I am not good in math, what can I do?

For applicants who feel they would benefit from a review of Math Skills please consider coming to the Student Success Center located on all three campuses for an interactive video course called ModuMath. This course is free and reviews concepts in Mathematics: Numbers, Rational Numbers, Algebra, Ratios and Proportions, Measurement, Graphs and Diagrams at your own pace and on your own schedule. This software is divided into two main parts - Basic Math and Algebra.

Please contact the Student Success Center at:
  • Catonsville – 443-840-6959
  • Dundalk – 443-840-3666
  • Essex – 443-840-1820

Can I take the test again?

If you take the test once and feel you could improve your score, you may retake the test again during the admission cycle. Applicants are not permitted to take the TEAS more than twice in any admission cycle. You are required to pay for the test each time you take the test. CCBC will use the scores associated with the highest Adjusted Individual Score achieved within 2 years of the application deadline for the TEAS V only. Previous versions of the TEAS test are no longer used for admission at CCBC.

Where do I find my scores?

Test scores should be available online at www.atitesting.com immediately after completing the exam. You must log in to the ATI website to obtain your test scores. If you cannot remember your username/password or if you do not see your test scores, you must contact ATI at the phone number listed on their web site.

I took my test at PSI or some other testing site. Now what?

It is the sole responsibility of the student to request that a transcript be sent to CCBC and verify that our office has received a transcript of the TEAS V test completed. On the ATI website, choose "CCBC-TEAS" as the institution where you want your results sent. You should contact ATI testing and request that the transcript be sent to our office. They have our email and contact information on file. We will not process any application without a TEAS score. There may be a charge for the transcript.

What is a passing score?

  • The TEAS Exam is not a pass or fail test. Students completing the TEAS V exam are encouraged to earn a Proficient or higher in the ATI Academic Preparedness Category if applying to Nursing.
  • Effective beginning in the FALL 2012 admission cycle, the recommended Reading score for all Nursing programs is 69.0% or higher.
  • Dental Hygiene will require a 70% Adjusted Individual Score or higher on the TEAS V exam.

Recommended and required score minimums are subject to change without notice.

Will you pick the best scores from all the TEAs test I have taken?

The sub-test scores associated with the highest Adjusted Individual Score are the ones that are used. At no time will scores from different tests be combined to produce a single TEAS score. CCBC will only use TEAS V scores from exams completed within two years of the application deadline.

Should I retake the test each time I apply?

  • TEAS V scores are valid for just two years. If the TEAS V exam was taken more than two years before the application deadline, then you will need to re-test. If your scores on the TEAS exam do not meet the recommended or required minimums, then we strongly encourage you to re-test.
  • If you took a TEAS exam other than TEAS V, it cannot be used for admission.

How do I register for the TEAs?

You must visit www.atitesting.com to purchase and register for the TEAS test. Directions are here.

The School of Health Professions strictly enforces its Honor Code during testing: “I will neither give nor receive unauthorized aid on this assignment/examination and that I will report all violations I observe.” Any breach of this code will result in the exam being confiscated by the proctor and the tester being asked to leave. Students who are confirmed to have cheated on the TEAS exam will be permanently deferred from admission into any program in the School of Health Professions.