Basic Mathematics Textbook

This textbook is specifically for CCBC students taking MATH 081 Basic Mathematics. It is authored by math faculty at the Community College of Baltimore County and incorporates their knowledge based on years of teaching experience at CCBC. The individual sections are each 5 to 20 pages in length. An Errata file will be created and from time to time, the Errata file will be updated.

To view and print these files you must have Acrobat Reader. Computers purchased within the past few years generally have Acrobat Reader installed but if you need the plugin it is available free from Adobe.

Chapter 1: Integers

Chapter 2: Applications of Integers

Chapter 3: Fractions

Chapter 4: Decimals

Chapter 5: Algebra

Chapter 6: Ratios, Rates, and Proportions

Chapter 7: Percents and Applications