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Earn credit for what you already know

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) provides college students with the potential to earn credit for college level learning acquired outside a traditional academic environment.

In other words, it is an evaluation of a person’s life learning for college credit. That learning could have been acquired by working, participating in an employer’s training programs, serving in the military, studying independently, performing volunteer/community service or studying open source courseware.

Prior Learning Assessments are often conducted through an evaluation process called a portfolio assessment, but this is only one type of PLA. Prior Learning can also be assessed via credit by examination (e.g. CLEP Exams, ACE Transcript Evaluations, Challenge Exams…etc.). Click on the links below to learn more about the PLA options available to you at CCBC.

Credit by


What is CCBC's PLA acceptance policy?

  • At least 15 credits earned must be in residence at CCBC
  • Up to 45 credits can be transferred in
  • Of the 45 credits, no more than 30 credits can be PLA
  • Of the 30 Credits
    • All 30 credits may be earned via CLEP, DSST, AP, IB, or a combination of these exams.
    • No more than 15 credits can be earned via Challenge Exams, Portfolio Assessment, or a combination of both.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to make themselves aware of CCBC PLA policies and those of other schools they may transfer to in the future.