How can I practice for the placement test?


CCBC administers the following sections:
  • Sentence Skills
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Elementary Algebra
    (The Arithmetic or College Level Math may also be administered depending on your Elementary algebra score)

Only review sample questions provided in the free sample questions link below for the sections of Accuplacer CCBC uses for assessment/placement testing. 

Accuplacer Placement test review options:

ESOL Placement Test

If an academic advisor recommends that you take the ESOL assessment, CCBC administers the CaMLA English Placement Test (EPT). CaMLA is designed to quickly and reliably place ESOL students into appropriate ability levels. It provides an accurate assessment of a test taker’s general language proficiency by measuring performance in the following key skill areas:

• Listening comprehension
• Grammatical knowledge
• Vocabulary range
• Reading comprehension

There are 80 questions on the CaMLA EPT; 25 listening items, 20 grammar items, 20 vocabulary items, and 15 reading comprehension items. All questions on the CaMLA EPT are multiple choice with three options for the listening section and four options for all other sections.

The CaMLA EPT assessment test is timed for 60 minutes.

Students who score well on the CaMLA EPT will be asked to take a writing test. You will be given one hour to complete the writing test.

Review (sample items) for the CaMLA EPT can be found here.