Catonsville Board

Executive Board

Ms. Beverly Vinzant

Mr. Vernon Brokke, Sr.
Trivision Advisors 
Board Members

Mr. Nathan Blumberg
Erickson Living, Charlestown

Mr. Gregory Hart
Donohue-Hart & Associates, LTD

Ms. Joyce Glandon

Ms. Catherine Hilbush
MCH Advisory, LLC 

Mr. Lewis Kubiet

Mr. Joseph T. Loverde
Realty Concepts, Inc.

Mr. John (Jack) Manley

Mr. Philip Mooney
Associate Professor, CCBC
Ms. Larraine Clark

Mr. James Himel

The Honorable James E. Malone

Mr. Michael Meaney
Protection Systems

Mr. Neil Middleton

Mr. Gregory J. Morgan, Sr.
Brothers Services Company

The Honorable S.G. Sam Moxley
Baltimore County Government

Ms. Claretta Rideout
DeQuan's Construction, LLC

Ms. Cheryl Sessomes
M&T Bank

Ms. Mary Toth

Mr. Brian White

Creative Print Group

Mr. Robert L. Noble