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Change of Grade Procedure

If a student with the prior approval of the faculty member successfully completes course requirements after the semester grades have been officially reported, then:

a. The faculty member may submit the appropriate “Change-of-Grade” form directly to the Records and Registration office. The Academic Division Dean’s signature is required.

b. Any change of grade must be submitted to the Academic Division Dean with appropriate justification. If the Academic Division Dean concurs, the change of grade request form with the justification will be forwarded to the office of Records and Registration.

Grades and Reports

Grade reports are issued to students at the end of each semester and are entered on the permanent record. Mid-term grades are recorded on the computer only and students in academic danger at this time will be notified directly by CCBC. Students should speak with their instructors to determine their progress at mid-term. No mid-term grades are recorded for courses that do not last the entire semester. Grades are issued at the end of each of the summer and winter sessions and are entered on the permanent record at that time.

Some courses may require that students earn a “C” to enter a program or progress toward a degree. Some transfer institutions require that students earn a “C” to meet program requirements.

The Quality Point Average (QPA) is determined by multiplying the credit hours of each course by the number of points corresponding to the final grade for the course. The total of all such points for the period is then divided by the number of credit hours for that period. This average is computed only for credit courses.

“R”, “AU”, “CE”, and “W” are not grades. They are indicators used to identify a student’s status for record keeping purposes. No quality points are assigned to these indicators. The definitions are as follows:

a.  The “R” grade represents a specific amount of content or progress in the development of skills. It is used for self-paced, developmental, and other courses as agreed upon by CCBC faculty in the appropriate discipline;

b.  A student may register for any class as an auditor. Course work and examinations are not required and no credit is awarded. The student is expected to attend classes regularly and pay the required fees and tuition. Students who do not meet attendance requirements of the instructor will receive a final grade of “W.” Some courses may limit the number of times an audit may occur. A student may elect to change his or her registration from credit to audit for any course during the first ten (10) weeks of a regular semester or within the first two-thirds of winter, summer or late start classes.

After the time limit, a student is permitted to change from credit to audit only under extraordinary circumstance with written approval of the appropriate academic dean responsible for the course.

c.  The “W” grade is issued when a student withdraws from any course after the refund period, during the first (10) weeks of a regular semester or within the first two thirds of winter, summer or late start classes. To withdraw from a course, the student must complete a “Drop/Add/Withdraw” form, which is available in the Admissions, Records and Registration office. After the published time limit has expired a withdraw may be granted only under extraordinary circumstances with written approval of the appropriate dean.

d. An instructor may assign an incomplete grade if the student has made satisfactory progress through most of the course but needs additional time to complete the remaining requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to request an “I” grade before the final examination period. Student and instructor must agree on the precise conditions for completion of the course requirements. The course must be completed within 30 working days after the beginning of the next regular semester (fall or spring). If the course is not completed by that time the grade will automatically change to an “F”, unless the instructor allows an extension. Students must complete a course and receive a grade before that course fulfills a prerequisite for another course.

Graduation with honors

Students who qualify for the Associate’s degree and have a quality point average of 3.40 to 3.59 will be graduated cum laude; those form 3.60 to 3.79 will be graduated magna cum laude; and those from 3.80 to 4.00 will be graduated summa cum laude.

Grandfathering Policy for Students Who are Enrolled in Discontinued Programs

When a program of study is discontinued, students will be afforded time to complete the program requirements. The length of time for services and benefits to be extended is determined by the number of credits the student needs to complete the program with the maximum of up to 2 years. Requests for further extension must be submitted in writing to the Vice Chancellor for Learning and Student Development.


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