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2021 Emeritus Recipients

Drucilla K. Allen, Catalog Librarian, Library Services:  Catherine M. Birkelien, Director, Advancement Services; Judith Blum, Assistant Dean, Health Professions, Program Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program; Patricia P. Crossman, Professor of Music, Chair of Performing Arts and Humanities; Cheryl Hazel, Program Director, Project Start, Disability Support Services; Therese A. Hirsch, Senior Director, Planning, Research and Evaluation; Diane G. Hunter, Assistant Professor and Clinical Coordinator, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program; Gwendolyn D. Jones, Senior Academic Advisor, Academic Advisement; Richard H. Lilley, Ph.D., Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services; William E. Rice, Associate Professor of Philosophy. Department of Performing Arts and Humanities; Christopher A. Wolfe, Professor of Music, Department of Performing Arts and Humanities