PRE designs, administers, and analyzes college-wide, course, program, division, department, and ad hoc surveys. PRE also provides research design assistance for the assessment of institutional effectiveness by assisting in data collection as well as analyzing and disseminating results.

If you require information from the PRE office, please fill out the Information Request Form and send it to the PRE office via email

College-wide surveys

Surveys are distributed to representative percentages of the college to gain awareness in an array of topics. Topics include, but are not limited to, the perceptions and experiences of CCBC students or faculty and staff.

Department / Program / Divisional surveys

Surveys are conducted as part of requirements for accreditation and/or program evaluation on a scheduled and ad hoc basis.

Ad hoc surveys

Surveys may be developed and conducted by PRE at the request of CCBC stakeholders on an as needed basis. These surveys must be determined to be in the interest of CCBC business. Such surveys are brief and focused on a particular issue(s).