When to Report to Class

In the event that the college (or a specific campus) opens late due to weather-related or other emergency conditions, classes and labs which would meet for less than 30 minutes will be canceled. Classes and labs that would meet for 30 minutes or more will be held.

Midnight Classes

Midnight classes, held Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12 a.m.-2:55 a.m., will follow the evening class closing schedule. If the CCBC is closed for evening classes, then the midnight class is closed. In the event of a serious overnight or early morning storm, this class may be canceled as a Level 4 event.

Off-Campus Classes

The following decisions apply to classes taught at non-CCBC sites:

  • If CCBC is closed, classes taught at non-CCBC locations (community centers, senior centers, public schools.) will also be canceled. 
    • Exception: Field placement classes (such as internships, clinical placements, apprenticeships, etc.) held at employer sites to be held and/or continued at the discretion of the employer. Students and faculty engaged in such field placement classes should discuss the handling of emergency situations at the beginning of the placement period. Both the requirements of the program and the safety of persons involved should be considered in planning a course of action in those cases where students are expected to report to off-campus locations.
  • When Baltimore County Public Schools are closed, all CCBC classes offered at BCPS locations are canceled.