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Green Car Program

If you drive a fuel-efficient, low-emission vehicle, you could be eligible to park in a limited number of preferred parking spots on the side of the Catonsville library in Lot #8.

Follow the simple steps below to get your Green Car Sticker. Spaces are limited so a sticker does not necessarily guarantee you a preferred spot. 

Three easy steps to registering your car:

  1. Determine whether your vehicle is a Green Car. View the Green Car list . If you don’t see your vehicle on this list, your vehicle is not qualified for Green Car preferred parking spaces. 
  2. Get your Green Car sticker - Bring a completed application form and a photo ID to the CCBC Catonsville Public Safety Office on the 2nd floor of the College Services Center. You must have a current CCBC parking permit in addition to a Green Car sticker to park in a preferred space. 
  3. Find preferred Green Car parking - There are a limited number (10) of preferred Green Car spaces near the CCBC Catonsville library in Lot #8.