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Marketing and Communications

From planning to execution, Marketing and Communications helps CCBC stand out with clear, consistent and impactful messaging.

Amy Filardo

Chief Marketing Officer

The Communications team oversees media relations, publicity for events and programs, CCBC’s social media sites and editorial standards.

Hope Davis
Director, Communications
CCBC Catonsville
Phone: 443.840.5053

The Creative Services team oversees CCBC’s graphic standards, design templates, requests for publications and promotional items.

Jodi Neal
Director, Creative Services
CCBC Catonsville
Phone: 443.840.5227

The Digital Strategy team oversees CCBC's website, content development, advertising campaigns and other digital marketing efforts.

Chris Mihavetz
Director, Digital Strategy
CCBC Catonsville
Phone: 443.840.5013

This team specializes in enrollment-focused marketing initiatives and program-level marketing for both credit and continuing education programs.

Sara Weaver
Director, Enrollment Marketing
CCBC Catonsville
Phone: 443.840.4080