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Health Protocols

Your future is worth it.

CCBC is here to support you with on-campus health protocols.

  • Masks and face coverings: Face coverings (masks) are optional at all college locations, except in required patient care settings.
  • Air exchanges and air cleaning: Most virus transmission occurs via airborne particles and not from droplets or contact. Therefore, being outside or exchanging the air frequently in indoor spaces mitigates airborne transmission. CCBC has replaced all HVAC system air filters with the recommended MERV-13 filters and installed air cleaners that kill the coronavirus within all classrooms.
  • Vaccinations: The single best defense against all variants of COVID-19 is vaccination. Vaccinations are strongly encouraged for all members of the college community.

Student vaccine mandates

Effective May 1, 2024, CCBC is no longer mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for all students whose health education includes clinical experiences or patient care in labs. If you are unvaccinated, CCBC cannot guarantee clinical placement due to your vaccination status, as each facility has specific policies by which they abide. If the clinical facility requires weekly testing, the student is responsible for setting up the testing, providing the results, and any incurred costs. Home testing is not permitted. If the clinical facilities do not allow you to complete the clinical components, you will be unable to finish the program, as clinical is a requirement.

Experiencing symptoms?

If you feel sick, stay home at the first signs of illness (regardless of vaccination status). Do not wait until you feel sick a few days in a row. Continue safety practices such as hand-washing and sanitizing. Get tested for COVID-19 and/ or whatever else your doctor feels is appropriate given your symptoms.

  • Do not work or attend class on campus if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or influenza.
  • Do not come to work or class if you have completed a COVID-19 test and are awaiting results.

Additional resources

The CDC offers resources to help you stay knowledgeable and safe.

  • Vaccine locator: Vaccines are available at most pharmacy locations. Find a COVID-19 or Influenza vaccine site near you.
  • CDC updates: CDC's most recent statement about COVID-19 vaccines and protocols.

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