Table reservation policy for external users

A table display is a great opportunity to advertise your organization, upcoming event, services or products.

Tables may be reserved at prime locations on the Catonsville, Dundalk and Essex campuses.

  1. Fees include one table and a maximum of two chairs for a four hour time period. Vendors will provide their own tablecloths if needed.
  2. Tables may be scheduled up to 4 consecutive dates, space permitting.
  3. Tables may be reserved up to 10 total dates per semester.
  4. It is the responsibility of the vendor or organization to coordinate parking arrangements for any vehicles with the Campus Director.


$40 Non-Profits (4 year colleges/universities are exempt from rental fees)

$75 Commercial Vendors

Campus locations

  • Student Services Center, lower lobby near cafeteria;
  • Student Services Center, lower level near bookstore;
  • Classroom and Laboratory Building, upper level at the Junction
  • Library, lower lobby
  • Student Services Center lobby, quad level; Cafeteria
  • College Community Center lobby

Cancellation policies

  1. No refunds will be provided for canceled reservations.

  2. Vendors may request to reschedule a reservation no later than two business days before their reservation date. At that time the reservation may be rescheduled to another date, same location, in the same semester at no cost. Credit for the canceled date will expire at the end of the semester.

  3. If a reservation is canceled less than two business days before the reservation time, then fees are surrendered.

  4. If no representative is present within 15 minutes of the start of the reservation, the table will then be available to any organization or department to reserve through normal processes.

Terms and conditions for all users

  1. The table location is in a public space. Any representatives at the table will treat students, staff, faculty and visitors with respect.

  2. Vendors are not allowed to approach students who are seated in the area; all activity must be conducted behind the table.

  3. One item, such as a stand-up banner, is allowed on one side of the table, but not both.

  4. Vendors may not post on walls or columns.

  5. No extra tables or objects may be set up next to the rented table.

  6. Only outlets directly adjacent to a table may be used. No electrical cords may run across walkways. No extension cords allowed. Power supply is only available at select table locations.

  7. Vendors arriving late to their tables must vacate their tables at the pre-assigned time.

Additional terms and conditions

  1. Indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Community College of Baltimore County from any liability, damage, expense, cause of action, suits claims, judgments , and costs of defense rising from injury to persons or personal property which arise out of any act, failure to act, or negligence of the organization, its agents, or employees. All personal property of the organization, its employee agents, licensees, servants, clients, members, guests, or trespassers, shall be at the sole risk of said parties. The Community College of Baltimore County shall not be liable to any such person or party for any damage or loss to personal property thereof.

  2. Vendor shall print and prominently display on reserved table the following notice: the vendor operates as an independent business entity and is not affiliated with the Community College of Baltimore County. The College does not endorse or recommend the vendor and assumes no responsibility for any goods or services purchased from the vendor.

  3. The College may deny rental of table space to any organization deemed to be disruptive to college operations.