What is Newsworthy?

Newsworthiness is the term used to describe whether or not a topic is interesting enough for people to want or need to know. It’s the first thing the Media Relations team considers before pitching a story or drafting a press release.

When reaching out to the media, it’s essential to keep in mind that the newsworthiness of a story is always the journalist’s call. However, there are some factors that we normally consider to determine our chances of gaining media coverage.


Timely story topics are ones that are new or current. While it doesn’t have to be “breaking news,” the information should offer something new or tie into a current event.


The number of people impacted by the story is important. How is the story of relevance or interesting to the intended audience? Does the information matter? Does it pass the “so what” test?


Stories with a local angle have more significance to the local media market. Many of the community papers will only report on stories specific to their community.

Human Interest

Human interest stories evoke emotion. If you have students/faculty/staff who can personalize their experience in relation to the story it often gets greater coverage.