How to calculate your Pell Grant by Semester

Step 1

Locate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Your EFC can be found on the last screen of your FAFSA submission, by logging into your FAFSA and reviewing your Student Aid Report (SAR) at, or logging into your SIMON account.

Step 2

On the Pell Grant chart, locate the left column labeled “If your EFC is”. Find for your EFC.

Step 3

Next, identify the number of credits you are registered for or will be registered for on your schedule/bill or SIMON account. After identifying your enrollment, identify the correct enrollment column.

Here are the enrollment categories:

  • Full-time – 12 or more credits/billable hours
  • ¾ time – 9 to 11 credits/billable hours
  • ½ time – 6 to 8 credits/billable hours
  • Less than ½ time – 1-5 credits/billable hours

Step 4

After identifying your EFC move across the same row, under the correct enrollment status, and you will find the correct Pell Grant amount.

Example: If your EFC is 1250 and you are registered (or will register) for 6 credits, the amount of your Pell Grant will be $1132 for that semester.

Note: Your Pell Grant amount can change based on your enrollment.