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Customized Training Options

Tailor-made training solutions

CCBC will work with you to invest in your greatest capital of all: your team.

Make CCBC your organization's training partner to assist in addressing challenges, increasing organizational effectiveness and cultivating the necessary skills in your workforce.

Our exceptional faculty and subject matter experts will collaborate with you on a customized program. You have the flexibility to set the timetable, type of training and location.

Available services: 

  • Group Class Registration: Enroll a group of students/participants in one of our pre-existing courses.
  • Speaking Engagements: If you are located in the Baltimore metropolitan area, contact CCBC to request one of our instructors to engage in a one-time high impact talk on emerging business topics.
  • Custom Courses and Programs: Our exceptional faculty and subject matter experts collaborate with you to create a customized training program tailored to your unique requirements. Pick one private course or a series of courses.
  • Continuing Education Certifications: Get your employees ready for industry-recognized certifications and licenses in a year or less!

Ready to get started? Contact us.

Moire Riley

Director, Business and Continuing Professional Education

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