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William Woods University

Transfer to William Woods University

William Woods University is ranked among the nation’s top online learning programs. They combine more than 140 years of academic excellence with a student-centered, service-oriented educational environment, and their convenient, eight-week courses offer flexibility and affordable tuition.

General transfer information

For non-direct classroom instruction, an appropriate score is determined by William Woods University, and students must submit their original test scores/results to William Woods University. Tech Prep credits will not transfer. Credit by exam (letter grade CR on transcript) will be accepted in fulfillment of ASL/ITP requirements as outlined above in the transfer matrix. All other prior learning credits are assessed according to the receiving institution's policy. For financial aid and scholarship information, visit William Woods University Financial Aid.

Students intending to transfer should complete the admission application for William Woods University once they complete 45 credits of their associate degree program. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office at William Woods University as soon as possible regarding financial aid deadlines.

Articulation Agreement

Articulation agreement for the dual degree American Sign Language and Interpreter Preparation.
CCBC degree William Woods University degree Agreement

Dual degree requirement:

American Sign Language and Deaf Culture (A.A.)

Interpreter Preparation (A.A.S.)

Interpretation Studies in ASL-English (B.S.)

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