Anuoluwapo Odunlami
CCBC 2020 graduate

CCBC 2020 graduate Anuoluwapo OdunlamiAnuoluwapo Odunlami came to the United States from Africa, so English was her second language. When she started at CCBC, she found her courses difficult and often thought her Cybersecurity professors were speaking yet another language. But she soon found her way and ultimately felt at home at CCBC, deciding to pursue a career as an information security analyst.

Sadly, during Odunlami’s second semester at CCBC, her mother suffered a stroke.

“For someone like me, who holds my mother as the dearest person to my heart, this was a sad experience,” Odunlami said. “I lost focus and did not care much about my academics. When I realized that I was not feeling on top of things like I used to be, I met with one of the CCBC Success Navigators on the Catonsville campus and I was able to get some help.”

Odunlami found her way back and even maintained her 4.00 GPA – which she has managed to keep throughout her academic journey at CCBC. She also found time to give back to the campus community as a First-Year Experience Mentor, vice president of leadership for the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society, and vice president of the Christian Fellowship Club.

“This experience taught me the value of perseverance, and it gave me a different approach,” Odunlami said. “I seek to rise above the sad experiences that life might present. I have learned to stay unshaken even when things are not going well,” she added. “My view of excellence is the ability to give your best without allowing challenges to deter your success.”

Odunlami plans to transfer to Stevenson University to complete her bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics.