Chanda Jeffers
CCBC 2020 graduate
Mortuary Science

With a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a master’s degree in Instructional Systems Development, Chanda Jeffers was no stranger to the college experience. But when she felt a need to move in a different direction and purpose, she enrolled at CCBC to earn an associate degree in Mortuary Science.

“This has been the most challenging and fulfilling degree of them all,” said Jeffers, who managed to make it through school managing the responsibilities associated with a full-time government job, two businesses, a husband and two teenagers. She said she felt a constant tugging, trying to balance work, life, school – and her sanity.

“Life curves like a roller coaster. Just as you conquer one hill, here comes another almost insurmountable one that seems to never end,” said Jeffers. “At times, I felt this way about my education.”

She noted that it took her too many years to find her purpose, and nothing was going to stop her from earning her Mortuary Science degree – not even those who told her it didn’t make sense to give up a stable government job for a career that initially would pay her less. But Jeffers declared that for her, it’s purpose over paper.

“We were all created to make an impact in this world to do good and to touch lives,” she said. “To the Class of 2020: I pray that you ultimately find your purpose to serve the world, which enables you to truly live.”

CCBC 2020 graduate Chanda Jeffers