Kaoutar Cheji
CCBC 2022 Graduate
General Studies

Kaoutar Cheji has lived around the world. Born in Italy, she spent time living in Morocco and later moved to the United States. Adjusting to the different school curriculums and language barriers presented educational challenges during early learning. However, the frequent moves taught her to adapt quickly and today she excels in four languages — Arabic, Amazigh, French and English.

While in high school, Kaoutar excelled and graduated at the top of her class. She decided to enroll at CCBC and gravitated toward Honors courses because she liked the challenge. Kaoutar continued to excel at CCBC and has managed to maintain a 3.84 GPA and graduating with honors.

Beyond an education, Kaoutar discovered CCBC had more to offer. In addition to academics, she learned the importance of service and was guided to determine her genuine interest – business.

While at CCBC, Kaoutar became involved in Dew More poetry, became a member of Phi Theta Kappa and was a member of the Student Government Association. She also joined the Business Club and found people who shared her same goals and interests.

Kaoutar’s father also sparked her love for business due to his own entrepreneurial pursuits. Ultimately she wants to earn a bachelor’s degree followed by a Ph.D. in business and marketing and lead a major company.

“I plan to utilize my education to become a role model for women and girls who are hesitant to take on leadership roles,” said Kaoutar. “I want to enter rooms with a voice to inspire others and represent people like me, [those with African ancestry], who are often looked down upon. My goal for the future is to create opportunities in the business field for those who aren’t well-connected.”

Kaoutar Cheji