Andrew Dickenson
Adjunct Faculty,

A musician of numerous passions, J. Andrew Dickenson is a performer, teacher, composer, conductor, administrator, writer, and arranger who has been showcased in a variety of prestigious locations around the world. He teaches online sections of Music Appreciation and Music Fundamentals at CCBC.

Founder of the Midnight Moon Ensemble with soprano Yeonjune Suh, Andrew has performed in some of the most celebrated venues in the United States (Carnegie Hall), Korea (KNUA Hall), and England (Penzance Guitar Festival). Andrew was an original founding member of the New York Guitar Quartet and has worked with high profile acts such as SONOS Chamber Orchestra, Trio Sorella, and the New World Symphony.

A scholarship winner and graduate from both the Peabody Conservatory of Music and the Mannes College of Music, Andrew's primary teachers include Julian Gray, Robert Trent, and Frederic Hand. Now a dedicated teacher himself, Andrew is the Performing Arts Coordinator and a Professor of Music at Cecil College and former String Department Head at Concordia Conservatory. He is the author of the acclaimed Guitar Fundamentals series and has been published internationally in Soundboard and Classical Guitar. Andrew is also a former editor of NYlon Review, the newsletter of the New York City Classical Guitar Society, where he was President and Artistic Director for 4 years.

As a composer, Andrew has written several scores for theatre productions and as well as three original musical theater works. He was also commissioned by the Eclipse Performing Dance Company to compose music for their productions. His music can be heard on albums with Midnight Moon and Bel Solé as well as his solo guitar recording Dandelion Wine. The recordings are played on radio stations throughout the world and recently reached #1 on the Astreaux Broadcasting charts. More info can be found at
Photo of musical composer Andrew Dickenson