Iyona Anderson
CCBC Student

In just six short months, Iyona Anderson earned her GED and her Pharmacy Technician certificate from CCBC to fast track a new career. CCBC helped her overcome hard times, fill in the gaps in her education and quickly acquire the job training she needed to get back on her feet.

“After receiving my GED at the age of 25, I now realize that anything is possible,” said Anderson. “One of the greatest advantages of attending CCBC is that the academic advisors have helped me tremendously. They helped me get enrolled and pick the right classes for my degree without overwhelming myself.”

Anderson is currently working toward her associate degree in science. After graduating from CCBC, she would like to attend the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and eventually open up her own pharmacy to serve her community.

“Although this is a big goal, I have confidence that obtaining my associate degree in science at CCBC will be the best first step to take in achieving my ultimate goal.”
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