James Clidence
CCBC Student, Psychology

CCBC in three words: Community, convenient and compassionate

For the last seven years, James Clidence has worked with struggling families and teenagers at Freedom Baptist Church in Dundalk, Md., where he is currently pastor. In 2020, he decided to enroll in CCBC to work toward his associate degree in Psychology.

“I want to be able to give people proper advice from an educated perspective instead of just a personal perspective,” said Clidence, who also works as an EMT. “I have learned so much at CCBC. I strive to advance my knowledge, and CCBC is helping make that happen.”

Clidence is taking online courses exclusively, which cuts out the commute and works for his busy schedule. He logs into his classes after he drops off his son at school and before he begins his work day, giving him time to focus.

In addition to the flexible schedule, Clidence chose CCBC because of its affordability. He received a grant for his education, which was key because he would not have been able to afford classes on his own.

“Earning my associate degree at CCBC is important to me,” said Clidence. “I can complete two years toward my bachelor’s degree, which will ultimately save me thousands of dollars.”

Clidence wanted to become one of CCBC’s Fresh Faces because he enjoys getting to know people, making connections and representing programs that have helped him and could potentially help others.

“One of my favorite aspects of attending CCBC is that it is all about the community,” he said.

“They understand the area’s culture, struggles, strengths and accomplishments. You can build great friendships with people you have the potential for knowing the rest of your life.”

After graduating from CCBC, Clidence plans to transfer to Towson University to earn his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Psychology. He would eventually like to earn a Ph.D.

James Clidence