Hair Braiding Professional, Continuing Education Workforce Certificate

​Professional hair braiders are service providers in the beauty industry.  Beautician, Cosmetologist, Hair Dresser, Hair Stylist, Hairdresser, Hairstylist, Manager Stylist, Master Cosmetologist, Stylist who caring for natural hair, create braids, plaits, and other techniques, and understand human biology as it pertains to the scalp and hair, common disorders, and basic hair types. Understand how to build your customer base, develop your portfolio, and provide excellent customer service to develop and build customer loyalty, and income opportunities.

Program objectives

Upon successful completion of this Continuing Education Workforce Certificate, students will be able to:

  1. function more effectively as a hair braiding professional working with individuals providing beauty services such as styling hair, massaging, make recommendations for treating the scalp, and other hair care services;
  2. maintain a level of client confidentiality, personal integrity, and professional standards;
  3. build a successful hair braiding business or work in a beauty salon to develop a portfolio and income opportunities;
  4. build a customer base and provide excellent customer service to build customer loyalty;
  5. demonstrate proficiency in conducting client assessments to understand the needs of the client;
  6. maintain a level of client confidentiality, personal integrity, and professional standards; and
  7. assume responsibility for continued professional and personal development through lifelong learning/continuing education. 

Program Credentials

CCBC Credential: Students will be awarded a Continuing Education Workforce Certificate and have access to a Continuing Education academic record (transcript).

There is currently no license required to become a hair braider in Maryland. Students who have completed program requirements should contact program staff to verify completion and request a certificate.

Financial Aid and Payment Options

CCBC currently offers Continuing Education (CE) financial aid to those who qualify. We package public and private funding options to benefit students which include COVID-19 relief funding, the Maryland Sequence Scholarship, CCBC Opportunity Grant funding, Maryland Promise, and Baltimore County College Promise. Financial aid funding is available for select CE courses and programs. 

Additional opportunities for financial support include partial payment options through Nelnet Business Solutions and tuition waivers for those who qualify. Resources outside of CCBC may also be available through employer/sponsor paid tuition,  the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS), and your local office of workforce development. 

For more information about funding resources and how to apply for them, please contact the CCBC Continuing Education Information Center at 443-840-4700.

Program Length

70 hours to complete the courses and written exams.

Courses are offered at CCBC Catonsville, CCBC Essex, CCBC Owings Mills,  and online.​ 

Program Requirements

​Students should be computer literate and have Internet access.

Recommended: High School Diploma or GED; prior experience and/or interest in the beauty industry.

Minimum age: 18 

Reading and math levels should be Grade-12 English and Grade-10 for Applied Math.

Application Process

To apply, go to and complete the CCBC Continuing Education Workforce Certificate program application.  

​Provisional Entry – demonstrated experience braiding hair.

Prior Learning Assessment

This program has no options for obtaining course waiver(s) for prior learning.

Program Course Sequence

A stringent attendance policy will be enforced.

Course Number Course Title Course Hours Costs
Textbook Information
(approximate cost; subject to change)
 PDV316​ Hair Braiding Professional Level I




Milady Standard Natural Hair Care & Braiding 1st Edition

Workbook for Milady Natural Hair Care and Braiding 1st Edition
by Milady

 PDV317 Hair Braiding Professional Level II 17.5



Included in course cost and provided during class.
 PDV318 Hair Braiding Professional Level III 17.5



Included in course cost and provided during class.
 PDV319 Hair Braiding Professional Level IV 17.5



Included in course cost and provided during class.
Program Series Totals:
70 $956

Additional Information

Course Substitutions:
PDV316 may be substituted by PDV 215 Braiding Hair Basics, or if the student can demonstrate a strong knowledge of the techniques for cornrows, plaits, and braids.

Additional Expenses:
Hair Braiding Kit includes mannequin head and stand - $50.
Milady Standard Natural Hair Care & Braiding 1st Edition  -  $50
Workbook for Milady Natural Hair Care and Braiding 1st Edition  by Milady -  $30

Skills for Success:
Previous work-related skill, knowledge, or experience in hair braiding basics is required for these occupations. Employees in these occupations usually need one or two years of training involving both on-the-job experience and informal training.

​Detail-oriented , dependability, self-control, ability to follow safety rules, ability to follow directions, cooperation, integrity, persistence, manual dexterity, mechanical aptitude, mathematical aptitude, ability to stand for long periods of time, and ability to lift 35 pounds. Excellent communication and customer service skills.

Career Opportunities
Train to work in entry-level skilled positions in the natural hair care industry such as Hair Dresser, Hair Stylist, Manager Stylist, and Master Stylist who cares for natural hair, create braids, plaits, and other techniques.

Career Coach

Research your career interests, explore live job postings, take a career assessment, discover which companies in the Baltimore region are hiring, and more.  View a brief tutorial video on how to use Career Coach at: .  Explore career and training opportunities at:

Program Contact Information

Coordinator: LaVerne Robertson | |443-840-1253 | BESS 124

Director: Michelle McCallum | | 443-840-1925 | BESS 117​