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Real Estate Appraiser

Continuing Education Workforce Certificate




Hunt Valley

Real Estate Appraisers assess residential real estate property for its current fair market value. In order to appraise the property, the appraiser must go to the real estate site and take pictures and measurements of the land and/or residence. A search of local real estate records is done to establish a price comparison of like properties, and a computerized report on the findings is written up for the customer and lender.

This course series features courses that will prepare students work in the field and to sit for the Maryland Licensed Appraiser exam. Students will be prepared to begin their required apprenticeship hours and, when completed, take the licensing exam to become a Maryland Licensed Appraiser. Students may apply for Appraisal Trainee license after completing 75 hours of education (REA019 and REA020). To apply for the Licensed Appraiser exam, students must complete 150 hours of education and 2000 hours of appraisal apprenticeship hours. To qualify to take the Appraiser License exam, students must have completed a minimum of 30 credits of post-secondary education or hold an associate degree or higher.​

​Students entering this program should have strong analytical, math, listening, communication, and writing skills, and the ability to work both independently and within groups.

​​Typical job titles for this filed include real estate appraiser, real property appraiser, and field appraiser. Jobs are available in the real estate industry and governmental agencies, and there are also opportunities to be self-employed. Additional career information can be found in Career Coach:

Program Course Sequence

Class attendance is mandatory. Students must pass a final exam in each of the five courses.

Course Number

Course Title

Course Hours

Textbook Information

(approximate cost; subject to change)




Real Estate: Appraisal Principles & Procedures


Residential Property Appraisal; $85. Available through the Appraisal Foundation.


T- $210/F-$489


Real Estate: Appraisal Standards & Ethics


Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice; $75; and 15 hour National USPAP course Student Manual; $40; available through the Appraisal Foundation




Supervisor Appraiser/Trainee Appraiser

4 Material included $89
T-$27 F-$62


Real Estate: Appraisal Practices & Analysis Part I


Same as REA 019




Real Estate: Appraisal Practices & Analysis Part II


Same as REA 019


Course Series Totals:




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