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Special Police Officer

Continuing Education Workforce Certificate





A special police officer must be at least 18 years old and hold a commission granted by the Governor of Maryland. A commission is granted for a specific company, institution, or municipality, and authorizes the officer to maintain order and protect life and property by enforcing local, state, or federal laws and ordinances, apprehend and arrest criminal suspects, respond to emergencies to provide assistance, maintain public order and security, prepare investigation and incident reports, and direct and control traffic on public highways and roadways in the immediate vicinity of the property described in the commission. Special Police Officers have knowledge of public safety, security, law, and government.​​

This program features a course that is approved by the Secretary of the Maryland State Police. Students will learn the role of a Special Police Officer, criminal law and matters, crime prevention, crime control, court procedure, interpersonal interactions, first aid and CPR, and defensive tactics.

Students​ entering this program should have self-discipline, computer skills, strong interpersonal skills, strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills, social perceptiveness, stress tolerance, strong negotiation skills, and integrity. Students should also be organized, detail-oriented​, and resourceful.

​​Special Police Officers work in the private and public sector, and in small and large organizations, companies, and local, state, or federal levels. Among others, Special Police Officers may work as a Corrections Officer (CO), Public Safety Officer, Deputy, Deputy Sheriff, Bailiff, Peace Officer, Campus Security Officer, Custom Protection Officer, Customer Service Security Officer, Hotel Security Officer, Loss Prevention Officer, Safety and Security Officer, Security Agent, Security Guard, or Security Officer.​​ Additional career information may be found in Career Coach:

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Special Police Officer-Initial Training


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